Thursday, January 22, 2009

Monday 19 Jan 09

Chemo last Friday progressed well at a very steady pace. My chemo dosage was reduced by 25% again due to the vein inflammation. This means I am now at 50% of the original dose and according to the Dr’s it is still enough to keep the cancer at bay. I did make a comment to my chemo buddy, Anet, that it makes you wonder why I needed such a big dose initially and was very abruptly reminded that I am on a clinical trial so they are testing the correct dosage!!! So far the side effects have been milder in terms of the nausea. I am still very tired and feel disorientated when I do too much physical and mental exertion. I also saw a surgeon today regarding having a port fitted – this is planned for Tuesday 03 Feb all things going well. Tomorrow should be a normal day at work and then I head off to Antwerp again for 9 days and will see my Mom this coming weekend. Even in Holland things have had there moments of strain as my Mom’s husband fell last Sunday and broke his hip. He is still in hospital post surgery and from there will be moving to a care centre.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


We have had a stunning 3 nights away and the boys were really on good behavior. They did not complain too much about the lack of internet and cable TV and both managed to get through a fiction book. This morning we got stuck in together to clean the house (my brothers seaside cottage) and left around lunchtime. Home in good time for me to get on top of the washing before tomorrow’s chemo session. I am feeling in good spirits as I prepare myself for tomorrow – more positive than I have been in months! Last week Dr T shared the detail of the CT scan. The one lesion that was close to my spleen cannot be seen anymore and the total diameter of the 2 biggest lesions was 32mm in the first trial scan and now measures 24mm. This is the best news that I could have hoped for and I can just hear God saying to me “where is your faith”! So for now, my decision is to remain on the trial for another 2 months and then we reassess again.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

4th round Patupilone rescheduled

This morning I headed off to the oncology unit by myself, feeling healthy and in good frame of mind. My normal partner Anet could not make today because it is her birthday… our thoughts are with you today dear Anet. Instead another dear friend of more than 20 years met me at the oncology unit and spent 90 minutes with me. All the normal tests where done… ECG, heart rate and bloods. The wait was much less than last time, but still took 2.5 hours to see Dr T. We had a good chat and after some deliberation it was decided to reschedule my chemo session of today due to the inflammation I have in my veins. I am now on more medication to ease the inflammation over the next week with chemo now planned for Friday 16 January. I have fortunately already made peace with the fact that chemo’s occur when they have to and am taking the change in my stride. It just means that our family holiday next week needs to be cut short by a few days and I can assure you all that a 17 year old teenager is very happy that he is coming home sooner. What is it with teens not enjoying family holiday!!