Monday, May 25, 2009

May 2009

The past weeks have just flown past. Three weeks ago I went overseas for company business and also spent Mothers Day with my Mom in Holland. What a nice day to spend with your Mom. I am now off all medication for a whole week and am waiting to wake up with my body feeling full of energy. The energy side of life has been lacking as I feel constantly tired. Really frustrating, but then with the first round of chemo it did take nearly 6 months to recover, so this time will probably be no different. Everybody who sees me tells me that I am looking really good – the blue circles under my eyes are less and my skin has a healthy glow. And as always, there is nothing lacking with my appetite for good food. Last Sunday Ian and the boys got me a little kitten, so we are now the proud owners of a very busy cat where everything that moves is a toy. The dogs are really good with her and even old Amy (8 year old German shepherd) gently paws her. Today is Dylan’s 18th birthday – how time does fly when you look at the children growing up. My next tumour market and CT scan is planned for 18 June. So, all going well in the Riddell home.