Monday, March 23, 2009

Post chemo nausea

The past week has been a tough one. I have not been so nauseous in months and the headache was just unbelievable. Last Monday I left work a bit earlier due to feeling really bad. I had an afternoon nap and a tiny bit of dinner. I had also been having a huge pain in the right jaw which by Monday evening has developed into an acute pain with my jaw pulling (pushing) toward the left misaligning my bottom jaw by about 2-3 centimeters. My tongue was numb and my mouth completely skew. By 8pm I was ready to go to emergency rooms at the hospital and we were all really worried that I had had a stroke. The hospital staff was really great and I was assisted promptly in the ER. I had brought all my medication with me so the Doc could see what I had been taking for the nausea. She recognized with cause of my distress immediately…. I was suffering from side effects of my one nausea medication! Thank God this was the cause of my anguish!! A needle was inserted into my veins and some antidote was administered (in my distressed state I did not even ask what the medication was but presume it was cortisone). And guess what, the side effects of the antidote also affect me…. I had the biggest rush I had ever experienced! Everything was zooming around me and I was being really loving to Ian - I don’t think he has ever seen me so placid, grateful and caring….. I remained in hospital for about 2 hours waiting for the majority of the side effects to wear off and then stumbled back to our car – I just could not control my feet! Came home and went to bed only to find that I was on such a high that sleep eluded me – my sleeping tablet and a glass of milk with black pepper did nothing. Tuesday was more of the nausea, headache and fatigue…. All of which finally settled on Sunday. It is almost as though my body is saying it has had enough of all the medication!

Monday, March 16, 2009

6th round patupilone

My goodness, has it been six rounds already, I am sure you are saying. Well, for everybody who is not going through the process every 21 days, the time does fly, but for me, I am very aware of what occurs every 21 days. The last chemo round went ok, as per all the previous sessions. I am feeling loads of fatigue and quite some nausea – Spent most of yesterday in the horizontal position. Last Thursday I had a good chat to Dr J regarding where this drug is leading me. In essence, Patupilone is keeping a lid of the cancer growth, meaning it is not spreading but is it also not going away. At each CT scan the protocol is that a CA125 test is also done. The test done end February shows the CA125 going up from 7 to 17…. The dreaded increase of over 100 percent, so the next CT scan and CA125 is scheduled for 26 March