Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yah Yah Yah

CT scan of today shown 'cancer unchanged' meaning I have no growth.... It has been stable now for over 4 months - lets hope and pray it remains that way. I still have to wait a few days for the tumor marker results.
I am doing really well. Working hard and back to normal on all fronts. I have this unruly bush of curly hair which is so thick, it is enough for two people. I am going overseas Saturday for 12 days (work) and will see my mom the weekend in between. Dylan is in the last weeks of school and starts his trial exams in less than 2 weeks and Sean passed his motorbike learners licence this week. So the boys are now independant in terms of day to day transport... what a change but I must admit the angels work overtime in our home and on the roads.