Thursday, June 26, 2008

Recovery progressing

With each week that passes I am getting better and am managing to do more without the need of daily afternoon naps. I need to measure the recovery progress in weeks as daily it is still quite up and down. Every morning I look expecting into the mirror to see if little hairs are starting to grow yet, but to date they have not made their appearance.
Ian is coming home tomorrow for the week-end and we are all looking forward to that.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

House Sale

Our whole deal has crashed like a stack of dominoes. Our home buyer could not sell his home by the ‘due date’ and is not willing to resign as the lending interest rates are rising rapidly in South Africa with more hikes to come. Must admit that I do agree with our buyers and I am quite pleased from our own financial point of view as well, though a bit disappointed as the change would have been very nice. The change will just have to wait for a few months (or a few years depending on this depression). Now Ian and I need to make the decision as to whether we build on our entertainment room and then at the same time knock down are few walls in the living area, redo the flooring and the kitchen.
On the good new sides regarding my health – I must mention that I am off all medication for two weeks already including my sleeping tablets!!! Great stuff hey!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Where to now….

For now my body is into recovery mode, not from the cancer but all the chemo. Strange how it is that eventually you feel like you are fighting the chemo more than the cancer. The cancer almost seems secondary.

The doctors are optimistic that they have killed all the cancer cells but cannot guarantee it, so I have quite a schedule ahead of me for the next 2 years where tests and scans will be done to check for cancer growths. July 16th I have an appointment with Dr V (gynae) where the necessary checks will be done together with tumour marker blood tests. Then beginning September I need to make an appointment with Dr L (oncologist) with lung x-rays, abdominal CT scans of all the organs and a load of different blood test to check cells counts, liver and kidney functioning. This cycle then repeats itself every 3 months for 2 years.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June 08 already

The past week has just rushed by and it has been very quiet without Ian. I have been banished from our home study as Dylan has moved in and made it his exam study domain. Dylan is in the middle of his exam schedule and Sean starts Monday, so we are having lots of fun at home. I am still feeling the fatigue. Saturday morning the meditation group came through for a regroup meeting, this entailed sharing progress and partaking in a little group meditation. It went very well but left me feeling totally exhausted…. Just goes to show that my blood is not yet up to speed… 15 minutes of meditation facilitation and I have to have an afternoon nap followed by a very good nights sleep! Sunday was a very quiet day where I did nothing but relax and rest. All is going well on the Riddell front with Ian coming home Thursday evening for a ‘long’ week-end.