Monday, October 12, 2009

September Bliss

The month of September was wonderful. Ian and I had a lovely long weekend at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve and the boys remained home without another incident where a major party was had. A couple of months ago, Ian and I also left them at home for one evening and they decided to have a little party. Over 40 kids arrived and apparently it was chaos. What we saw when we got home was a) the floors had been washed b) some glasses that are never used stood proudly on the TV cabinet as ornaments and c) our bar fridge was empty. Comments from the boys a) how do you know we washed the floors….. I said “the floor detergent is still outside” b) the comment was that they were not sure if the glasses went in the cupboard or were ornaments and c) Dylan’s comment was that he was wondering why so many kids were drinking light beers!! A big lesson was learnt and the have both promised they will never do it again. Then at the end of September we had a lovely family holiday at Sedgefield. The weather played along and we had a great time relaxing, reading, waterskiing, fishing, walking and cycling. Outdoor activities in nature make for early nights with loads of rest – just what the doctor ordered.

The CT scan last week has again reported ‘cancer stable’. I am still waiting for the tumor marker.