Monday, September 1, 2008

Post Chemo – First round results

Last Thursday I saw Dr L (Oncologist) with my Ultrasound scans and x-rays in hand. The results on my bloods tests are: Red blood cells, platelets, liver and kidney functioning = Normal. Neutrophils are still low at 1.78 with the normal range being 2 to 7. That explains why I still tire so quickly. My tumour marker has risen again and is now at 9.2. I need to go for the tumour marker test again in 4 weeks and Dr L she gets concerned when it goes over 10. (I am concerned already as it is pretty close to 10 already). The scan also showed an angiomyolipoma on the right kidney. To make sure that all in well in the abdomen, I had to go for further CT scans today. The results are: ALL CLEAR. The month of September I will focus on working a few hours each day building up my strengths.